Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Yeah, I decided to skip the cute title.

So, I saw the new Star Wars movie, and like everyone else on the internet, I happen to Have Opinions about it.  I'll keep things spoiler-free up front and then move on to specific spoiler stuff later.  The very brief review is: I liked it.  I'm not entirely sure where it fits on the list of movies, it'll probably land squarely at 4th.  It's not as good as original trilogy, but it's better than the prequels, better than Force Awakens, and certainly better than Rogue One.  So... yeah, I guess it's fourth.

No, I'm being serious here.  I think much of the hate is more fan anger than anything.  It did things differently, so it's bad.  I think it's fair to remember that not all reviews of Empire Strikes Back were especially glowing at the time.  I think time will tell here and it'll settle into its place.  The zeitgeist for Force Awakens seems to have downgraded its quality and appeal, and I think time will elevate Last Jedi.


Five Sides of the Same Coin

Some random shower thoughts about the current situation that we're... enjoying.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both symptoms of the same problem going on the country.  I mean, seriously, the 2016 election was nearly a contest between an orange-faced blowhard and an 800 year old socialist muppet.  In fact, the only reason that wasn't the case was because of side three of our coin: Jimmy Carter.


Rolling With the Tides

So, I've logged about three or so hours in Torment: Tides of Numenera, so I figured that's enough to present a review.  That's how this works, right?

More seriously, this is the kind of thing you don't want to spoil, so reviewing early seems reasonable.  I can't really spoil anything because I don't know much of anything yet anyway.

The fact that I'm caring about spoilers should say something.  Normally, I don't care, but this is one of those times where it feels like it matters.  Not necessarily for the plot, but because of the setting.

Yes, the setting.  Numenera is a weird place.  It's a bajillion years in the future, in the so-called "Ninth World".  Each "world" is like an era of mankind.  Mankind rises and then falls and then a new "world" happens.  From our 21st century perspective, we might be on the second or third world now, right?  Fall of Rome, World Wars one and two?  Something like that?  Nope.  We may not even be the first world yet. 

Yeah, we're talking huge gulfs of time here.