First Amendment Principles

If the Barbary wars taught us anything, it's that the worst thing you can do is Pay the Dane-geld.  Sadly, in many ways, western civilization is all too willing to do just that. Freedom of Speech is a core, bedrock principle to modern society, yet many governments and many people are all too willing to abandon it as soon as some psychopath decides that his beliefs are superior to all.  People are too willing to throw away civilization in the futile hope that someone else will go up against the wall before them; sacrificing everything for a few more minutes before it's their turn.

The person behind Draw Muhammad Day is still in hiding. They probably will be for the rest of their life, because the barbarians believe that mass murder is an appropriate and measured response to school yard taunts.

And make no mistake, these are barbarians; they seek to destroy civilization to bring us all down to their level, scrabbling in the dirt and screaming against reality.

Not all Muslims are like this, sure. But to hell with that disclaimer. We're not talking about all Muslims; we're talking about barbarians seeking to annihilate western civilization.

Where's this generation's Charles Martel?  Perhaps we'll find him at the Daily Charlie.

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