And So It Goes

I believe everything has finally be squared away.  Domains are being properly forwarded, pseudonyms have been established and everything seems to be running smoothly.  We're sadly connected to the wrong flipping email account, deep in the guts of things, but frankly, that doesn't much matter.  Everything else has been set up properly and, if nothing else, the "face" is still accurate.

Which means that I've finally managed to get this up and working like I wanted to when I first bought this fool domain.  What went wrong?

Well, I went about it backwards, that's what.  See, I attempted to import blogging apparatus into my exiting domain.  Apparently, when you let Google do the hosting, that doesn't work.  No, what I needed to do was to first set up a Blogger account and then rip out its guts and jam in my domain, which is why we're seeing this as being on Tindalos instead of Blogger.

Eh, whatever works, you know?

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