Wasteland 2

So, they finally released the opening movie for Wasteland 2.  It's composed of stock footage and some stuff they filmed at the Wasteland Weekend:

As you can see, it pulls together nicely, giving a (very) brief overview of the game's backstory as well as the impetus for the game itself.  For those not familiar with the original game, Ace was a reasonably important NPC who could join your party.  He was, in fact, probably the first competent NPC you'd stumble across.

What I like about this opener is that it's "in world".  By way of comparison, Fallout's famous "War... war never changes" is certainly moving, but it also feels external.  Ron Perlman isn't a character in the game, he's the narrator telling you, the player, the setting.  Like the opening crawl of Star Wars, it's for the benefit for the player.

This, on the other hand, is in character.  General Vargas is a character in the game, and he's the one narrating the opening of the game, making it feel more like it's a training (or possibly recruiting) film before segueing directly into the game's opening.  In this case, the narrator is more like the narrator of The Road Warrior.

All in all, it ain't bad for 25k.

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